Intensive driving course - Croydon


If you need to pass your driving test quickly or if you wish to take your lessons during the school or college holidays then an intensive course may be just the thing for you. Sometimes people need to pass quickly as they need to be able to drive for their job or to get to their palce of work.

The standard of driving required to pass the test is just the same, whether you have done a crash course or had normal weekly driving lessons. However the advantages of an intensive course are that you can get the test out of the way sooner and for some people it is easier to learn things all in one go. While for some people it's best to have the lessons spaced out on a weekly basis, for others they forget what they learned from one week to the next and so too much of the lesson is spent re-learning what they learned the previous week.

An intensive course can also be good if you have had lessons before and had to stop for some reason and now wish to resume your training.

We can offer:

Intensive driving lessons in Croydon
Intensive courses in Bromley
Intensive driving courses in Kingston

and all areas of South London


Whatever your reason for wanting to do an intensive driving course we can provide a course to fit your needs or circumstances. So why not give us a call today on 07540 438831 and we can talk through your requirements and arrange a course that will suit you.