Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to Pass my theory test before starting driving lessons?

No. You can take your theory test before starting your lessons but most people find it's best to learn for the theory test while they are doing their practical lessons. In that way the practical lessons help the theory and the theory helps the practical lessons.

Is it cheaper to block book lessons?

Yes see our prices page for block booking discounts

Is it easier to pass the test in an automatic car?

Most people would say yes. The standard of driving required is still the same but without having to use the clutch and gears, automatic cars are easier to drive.

I've heard that the examiners only pass a certain number of people per day - is it true?

No, everyone whose driving is of good enough standard during the test will pass.

How many lessons does it take to pass the test?

The number of lessons that an individual will require varies according to many factors. These factors include their age, previous experience, whether they have their own car to practice in and whether they have regular lessons. A survey by the Driving Standards Agency indicates that on average people take around 45 lessons along with a bit of extra practice